Tatyana Duncan – Three Dolls Boutique

Tatyana Duncan – Carmel

I design and create all my accessories! Right now my main passion are bows and flowers made out of fabric. My inspiration came from my own three little dolls…. my daughters!!

I’m a hair stylist, crafter and mommy to daughters, it’s only natural this love was born! Started out as just a passion to keep my little girls styled, for fun and to give as gifts. Then after many sweet compliments, encouragements and questions as to why I’m not selling them….. I decided its time!! I’ve always had a passion for making and creating things with my hands! My 3 daughters are the inspiration to creating hair accessories. They’ve always been like my own little dolls that I get to dress up and accessorize!!! Hair accessories aren’t my only passion. As a daughter of a seamstress and a woodworker/carpenter, the love for sewing and refinishing furniture came so naturally! Our shop also offers refurbished furniture, sewn goods, home decor and more! Most of the items that I create, are made for children in mind!