Rebekah Fleetwood – Little Lilia Bow Peep

Sailor knot headbands created from recycled t-shirts

Rebekah Fleetwood – Indianapolis

Little Lilia Bow Peep was inspired by my desire to create simple and handmade hair accessories for girls of all ages. When my daughter was born I just couldn’t find simple headbands to be worn with any basic outfit. I then set out to design my own. My most popular headbands are made out of recycled t-shirts from local thrift shops. The t-shirts are washed, cut up, and knotted into simple headbands. I also have an extensive line of hand stitched felt bow headbands and clips. Expecting a baby boy in late August, I have since added recycled t-shirt pacifier clips and felt bow ties. I truly enjoy the opportunity I have to create simple accessories for all the local littles and mommas. I also enjoy that this business allows me to stay home with my own littles.