Melissa Burklow – MKB Glass

Stained glass tree window hanging

Melissa Burklow – Indianapolis

I am a stained glass artist living in 650 square feet, creating art in 100 square feet of it. I learned my craft from a master stained glass artist in a town of less than 7,000 people and treasure everything he ever taught me. I’m a lover of the classics in art, literature, and music, and intend to showcase that in my work.

Growing up, I had no intention of being an artist. My first job ever, as a fifteen-year-old, was cleaning up shop, foiling glass, cleaning windows, and other small tasks for an incredibly talented stained glass master from Germany. Over the course of the three years I worked there, he taught me how to cut glass and build my own pieces. My first piece was a total disaster, but he never made me feel like it was art that didn’t count. His encouragement has fueled me through the years to continue this rare art form in a small corner of my apartment. I’m thrilled by symmetrical work and classic stained glass styles like Victorian art. As I continue to grow in this medium, I hope to explore many other styles and eras through my art.