Janie Bruns – Coat of Many Colors Alpacas

Janie Bruns – Shelbyville

I am a retired educator pursuing my second career as an artist.  After moving to a small farm in the country , my husband and I decided to add alpacas to our menagerie of cats, dogs and chickens.  I have fallen in love with these sweet, gentle creatures and their amazing, beautiful fiber! As I learned to care for these animals and their fiber, I became very interested in the process of wet felting, nuno felting, and needle felting.  With the exception of shearing, I complete each step of the process of taking raw fiber from the animal’s back and making it into a finished product.  This includes skirting (removing vegetation and debris), washing and drying, carding, and hand dyeing the fiber. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction in completing each step of the process myself. Most importantly, it means a lot to me to utilize fiber from alpacas that I own and raise.  Each item I produce is a unique, one of a kind, piece of art that I can relate directly to the alpaca whose fiber it contains! For me, it truly is a labor of love for the art and the animals that provide my medium.