Everybody needs a second chance… right? 2

In case you missed the initial deadline, there’s still time to apply for the 4th Annual Hoosier Artisan Boutique on Saturday, November 24th in Noblesville, IN! We’ve reopened applications with a few caveats… our jewelry, fabric, fiber, accessories and bath and body categories already have wait lists. This opportunity to apply will end on October 20th!

One of our goals is to present the amazingly diverse range of work created by the artists and crafters of Indiana. In order to do that, and to provide the best environment for selling your work that we can, we limit the number of participants in any single category. As applications for other categories come in, we can add additional artisans from the wait lists. If your work falls into the jewelry, fabric, fiber, accessories or bath and body categories – even if it just knocks our socks off – you could be added to our wait list if we still need artisans from other categories to apply.

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