Darlene Patterson – Patterson Pottery

Darlene Patterson – Noblesville

Being an avid nature lover, this theme has a way of creeping into my work. The patterns and colors that I chose are a direct reflection of the subject matters and palettes that mother nature provides. I find that as I walk about the woods and paddle on the rivers and streams in Indiana, or someplace exotic in the world, I am always searching for ways to use what I observe in my work.  Recently, I paddled with friends on the Turkey River in Iowa where Earth clay was discovered in the river bank. What fun it was to dig a sample and carry it home to throw on the wheel and turn into a bowl. After firing, it became a precious memory piece.  When you put your hands on clay, the medium records your touch.  I hope that when you touch  my pottery, you will feel the joy that I felt when creating it.