Dana Coy – Art by the Es and Me

be brave arrow string art

Dana Coy – Fortville

My name is Dana Coy we started Art by the E’s and Me September 2015. We started selling string art as a way for my teenage daughters to earn money for a mission trip and school activities. This is how the E’s got put into our name, all my children’s names start with a ‘E’ Ella, Emma, Elayna and Eli. Our little business has grown more then I could have ever imagined in 1 year. We have gone from just a couple designs to over 100 designs. Our pieces are very unique, it’s not something that you see at ever craft fair you go to. Each piece is very time consuming as you have to nail in each nail one at a time and string the string from nail to nail making sure your pattern is going to look evenly balanced at the end. We are looking forward to what God has in store for us as we continue to grow our business.