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Rockin Canoes Art Photo

Brenda Jalaie – Zionsville

Most of my work has always been photography oriented. I have a passion for processing and printing ‘the old fashioned way’ using film and needing a darkroom. I love working with large negatives and creating works that are contact printed, like Gum-Bichromates and Van Dykes. But in the real world of balancing a teaching career, motherhood and art, I find more and more I am focused on capturing scenes of a fleeting moment. I allow myself to take a few seconds and grab a shot here and there, but do not have the time to work in the darkroom and labor over exposures. Even with programs like Photoshop, I find I can get too carried away with adjustments and tweaking of original images. Therefore, most of the artwork I am currently creating is truly a capturing of a moment in time – rarely altered beyond the size of the print. Rarely cropped, just what I see through my camera when I see it.
I work in limited edition prints. This is important to me, as it gives them a sense of delicacy like darkroom photographic prints. Digital prints don’t decompose at the same rate as sliver gelatin; they also won’t have the nuances of a varied print created personally one at a time. If I limit the amount of prints I create, the value of the buyer’s investment won’t drop. If anything, it will increase.
I photograph mostly around Indianapolis and on occasional vacations with my family. I love cars and architecture – you will find many images of both in my portfolio. I love the timelessness I feel in photographs without the human figure – a way to put myself into the space and not share it with anyone else. I have won honorable mention both years I have entered work in the juried ‘Teachers as Artists’ exhibitions sponsored by the Art Education Association of Indiana. What I feel is my best accomplishment is my participation in the ‘Celebration of Hoosier Women Artists’ sponsored by former Lt. Governor Becky Skillman in 2012.