Aubrey Mullins – Silver Linings Jewelry

Aubrey Mullins – Indianapolis

Some crystals have a beauty which speaks for themselves, others have a story yearning to be told, still more have a magic beckoning only for you .. and all are waiting to bring their radiant energy into your life. Aubrey selects every crystal for its beauty, elegance and uniqueness. Accompanying chain, wire and materials accent each gem for design, strength, and durability. Cohesively together, handmade with love, Aubrey brings each creation to completion waiting to adorn you.

Silver Linings Jewelry was started in early 2014 as a culmination of years of self-taught exploration into the realm of handmade jewelry. Inspired by the beauty found in nature, Aubrey was drawn to the different rocks and minerals found on hiking excursions. Harnessing that inspiration, she creates one of a kind designs using raw crystals and minerals in her work.

Knowing she found her passion, she expanded her love and knowledge by taking metalsmithing classes at a local art center. Through various teachers new skills were honed and she discovered techniques to help along her journey. Aubrey finds joy in being able to take items naturally formed in the earth and transforming them into pieces that are worn and loved by others.